Michael W. King Filmmaker


Michael W. King

Filmmaker-Producer, Director and a writer

Michael W. King’s film are about socially conscious stories dealing with human and social issues ranging from youth violence, teen sex, literacy, genocide, and mental health. Michael W. King philosophy and practice has a filmmaker is to document my subjects and the world they live in. The filming of these stories can take many directions. I simply document what is, and the impulse to react is left to the audience. Either way, we see our world reflected back to us through my lens.

Michael King produced and directed “The Rescuers,”

The Rescuers Documentary

The Rescuers are the diplomats from across the globe who, by virtue of being assigned to posts throughout Europe in the years around the Holocaust and World War II, were put in positions of great power to save the lives of Jews who sought to flee Nazi-controlled Europe.

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